Idea Bank


The concept behind many NGOs and nonprofits is often flawed, because although they encourage the masses to volunteer and participate in their activities, they do not allow the masses to create and plan their own activities. With this in mind, we present to you the idea bank.

We recognize that each individual is bursting with ideas and that it could only be beneficial to the world to read and discuss those thoughts. We understand that sometimes you feel we aren’t doing all that we can, or that we have missed out on a crucial element of an issue that you think you can cover in a better way. We encourage you to feel that way, to have ideas, to share them with us.

The idea bank allows you to elaborate on a concept you are developing and then to share it with your friends and other members of the StopWatch community. You can co-author ideas with other users, decide to sponsor an idea you think is worth it, critique and help develop others’ ideas, or simply sit in awe and observe history being created.

9 votes

I want to plant trees

Lets all meet and plant trees but the cache is we only plant artificial plants made out of paper and in off beat colors so people take notice and each leaf has a message.

5 votes

Charity begins at home – A plant in every room

After locating a suitable spot with enough exposure to sunlight in a room, how about we put a potted plant there? It keeps the air in the room fresh and has a massive impact on the ecology in general. If we repeat this process for every room in our houses, and dutifully water the plants everyday, our houses will be cleaner and greener!

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