Yash Kumbhat



Yash is the founder of StopWatch and is unhealthily passionate about his projects. He is almost always busy with everything that isn’t to do with his academics and is constantly racking his brains to come up with new ideas to add to his to-do list. Currently pursuing his A levels from the Cambridge International Examinations board, Yash forges through life with an impractical sense of idealism.

He is most commonly seen walking all over the city, or the campus during school hours, in keeping with his belief that walks help him think – a quirk that annoys his friends to no end, and making him the least punctual person ever.

He can be described as an amateur FIFA player (at best), ambitious planner, tone-deaf singer, and as occupied in an eternal fight against cynics and skeptics.

aniketh khutia



Aniketh joined Stopwatch in 2016 and has been a dedicated member ever since. He is extremely passionate about the projects he undertakes and likes to see the same drive in the other participants. A Cbse students since time immermorial, he has anything but good things to say about the education system he was "thrown into".

He spends an unhealthy amount of time watching reruns of Breaking Bad and reading books which have nothing to do with his subjects, while he conveniently “forgets” to study. In all of its essence, Aniketh is the kind of person who would happily make lemons, when life gives him lemonade.

Keeping it short, Aniketh is great at taking initiative, whether it's constantly reminding you to listen to his favorite band or kickstarting solar electrification projects. His unrelenting follow-ups, be it for setting up meetings or raising funds, bode well with his responsibilities towards to organization.


Vijayant Mehra



Vijayant joined Stopwatch in 2016 and has been greatly involved in almost all projects undertaken, playing an instrumental role in the solar electrification project. A huge foodie, Vijayant, is usually found at eateries across the city. He is a teenager pursuing science in A-levels from the Cambridge International Examinations board.

Vijayant devotes all his time to watching several superhero TV shows and reading comic books. On a more productive note, he spends his leisure time conducting small experiments to create machines that'll help make life simpler and efficient.

Great at taking initiatives and bringing in new ideas, Vijayant is unrelenting in his efforts to constantly addresses the need of butter chicken at every given point in time.

Souhardya Pal



Souhardya joined StopWatch at the beginning of 2017, and has seamlessly fit in to the StopWatch community since then. He always sticks to his belief that humour is the best way to make new bonds, and can therefore be always seen laughing (most of the times at his own jokes).

However, Souhardya is always focused when there is a task at hand, and he is always determined to make a difference. Pursuing the A-levels course, his eternal love for football and Manchester United tends to eat up most of his time, leaving behind little for his studies.

Always looking to be entertained, Souhardya is constantly buzzing with his energy, and it is this energy that makes him an integral part of this organization.


Mayank Kanoria



Mayank Kanoria is an inseparable  part of the  brainstormers  that  give shape to Stopwatch's  ambitions. A science  student, Mayank's creative  aptitude in  STEM and his optimistic approach makes him an invaluable asset. He takes initiative to better  himself and  his team  with every  hurdle  we come  across. With Mayank, who adds enthusiasm and his quiet wit  to everything, be it our teaching projects or cleanliness drives, you can expect  to be a balanced between the scales of fun and learning.